Tjakka November 9, 2022

Emile Ratelband is a very good storyteller

At breakneck speed, motivation guru Emile Ratelband managed to captivate the 40 members and guests of the NVTHC at Chef Cha. There was literally no way to get through his argument. “Anyone who wasn't there definitely missed something,” said chairman Do van Drunen afterwards.

Emile explained, among other things, that his 'tsjakka' is in fact the name of a Zulu king, who, as a simple boy, already dreamed of a great future. As an eight-year-old boy, Emile also wondered how the world worked. After all, it is about safety, communication with yourself, the tone in which something is spoken and your posture. Those present then had to think about a low point and a high point in their lives. For Emile, the highlight is undoubtedly that an examination would reveal that he was 25 years younger, which is why he wanted to become a father again after the examination.

Ratelband has purchased 10,000 m2 of land near Hua Hin to build the largest cricket farm in the world. Together with cassava, the flour from the ground crickets should serve as a raw material for pancakes.

Hans Bos
photos Nellie Gillesse

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