It's King Willem Alexander's birthday, time for a party!

Wednesday, April 27 is an excellent date to celebrate, also because it is the Dutch king's birthday. It's also an excellent time to get rid of some unnecessary items.

You can bring them, dressed in orange, to Chef Cha restaurant from 6 p.m. and display them on a table. There may be people who have been looking for someone to say goodbye to for a long time. This does not have to be free, because you can put a contribution for charity in the pot.

The board has found an old Thai rocker willing to perform for us. His name is Mr. Ben and he will play absolutely anything you ask him upon request!

This while enjoying a glass of orange bitters, offered by the board. This serves to lubricate the throats before singing the Wilhelmus.

As usual on drinks evenings at Chef Cha, you can bring your own wine without a corkage fee. Food is at your own expense. And non-members pay 150 baht this evening.

Perhaps unnecessarily: the board assumes that you have been sufficiently vaccinated against Covid.

Mr. Ben


Apr 27, 2022


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